Christian Furr

British artist Christian Furr’s latest series ‘Jouissance’ evolved after viewing an artificially generated explosion in a lab.  This visual remained with him as a conceptual framework.  Referencing the spectacular ending of the film Zabriskie Point, where actual objects are transformed into a riot of colour and form, Furr wanted to allow colour to provide the form to its’ inherent formlessness. 


Furr felt compelled to create his works in different, bright colours, realising every colour would evoke different meanings to the viewer.  “My Jouissance works are about formlessness, they use colour to express what I want them to express. Colour has its own power”. 


The artist’s first explosion painting was to be pink, to him symbolising emotion and love.  Green verde commanded an ethereal quality.  Prince was the inspiration behind the purple explosion. The yellow explosion reflects sunlight and its’ restorative power. For Furr, the dust blue piece has a mystical peaceful quality, whilst the ocean blue is like the sea or a waterfall.