Eva Chloe Vazaka

Eva Chloe Vazaka is an accomplished international architect and abstract artist whose passionate work is reflected in her paintings. Originally from Greece, Eva has been based in London, since the late 1990’s, and has developed a distinctive style that builds images from drawing and text. With a detailed knowledge of design, which stems from her studies in architecture, Eva has a dedicated, meticulous and ferocious approach to work which produces outstanding contemporary works of art. 


Eva Chloe is intrigued and driven by the journey from the narrative to the image, this journey guides the exploration of form, colour, perspective and depth in the overlapping consecutive layers. The narrative feeds the different layers of the painting. Using printing rollers, and mixing the paint on the canvas, the words are placed through the different media and the outcome informs the text. 


Her paintings are also an exploration of colour. By standing in front of Eva Chloe’s paintings, one can see how colours can evoke a powerful emotion.