Corinne Natel

Corinne Natel is a contemporary artist, based in North West London, specialising in abstract mixed media paintings. Corinne is inspired by landscapes, nature, cities, travel, fashion and media. Her work investigates colour, form, space and texture

The collection for the exhibition Bloom are part of a series called Efflorescence which means coming into flower, developing, unfolding and blossoming. The pieces were created from the beginning of spring with the days getting lighter and brighter, with the flowers and trees developing and blossoming – coming into bloom. This season in the garden has been a wonderful source of inspiration for the works in terms of colour and atmosphere.


All paintings are mostly fluid based with either collage or mixed with brush stroke layers. The paintings are created mostly face down rather than upright and paint and ink are poured on while it runs and then the desired shape is guided. Working with a variety of mixed media, a blank white canvas takes on a new form through the expression of energy and begins to develop a life of it's own and a new entity, aiming to create vibrant and emotive works that allude to another world. 


This abstract contemporary floral collection aims to create vibrant, flowing and romantic works that propose the idea of blooming into a beautiful paradise floral world.