Henrie Haldane

Haldane’s paintings are a constant exploration of colour and light.  Her works continually evolve, resulting in an eclectic series of paintings full of depth, passion and emotion.  References to nature and its elements, and how we connect to these, run through all her works.

Haldane’s new collection for this show is an exciting culmination of her earlier work and her more recent abstracts.  These paintings, though still abstract, reflect her original dramatic sea and landscapes.  Now using a brighter palette, inspired by her Mediterranean surroundings, the canvases take a more uplifting tone.  Haldane’s art is filled with vibrant colours, positivity and energy; reflecting the ever-changing hues of sea and sky, from sunrise to sunset.


Haldane works with oils and mixed media, building up the layers of colour and depth into her canvases.  Metallic leaf is also weaved in to intensify the composition, creating these highly textural paintings, for which the British artist is well known & collected worldwide.