Henrie Haldane

Henrie’s latest collection adopts an ethereal, dream-like feel, whilst incorporating a botanical theme.  They echo the artist’s ever popular ‘water lily’ series, inspired by Monet.    Inspiration from Indonesia is also reflected in these vibrant new paintings full of colour & light.  Henrie incorporates her memories of beautiful Balinese lily ponds, reflecting peace and tranquillity; and uses the lotus lily flowers as a symbol for beauty, spirituality and transcendence.

Henrie paints mainly with oils and mixed media, using palette knives & brushes.  She creates a fluidity of vertical and horizontal movement, whilst weaving in metallic leaf to intensify the composition.  Henrie subtly builds up layers, injecting depth into the canvas.  Photo transfers and layers of decoupage are incorporated to create these highly textural and energetic paintings, for which the British artist is well known & collected worldwide. 

  • Lafontaine Contemporary Arts

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