Kirk Mechar

Kirk Mechar lives and works in Lunenburg, NS, Canada and Nevis, West Indies. Widely recognized for largescale  “flower” paintings created using textured oil paint, Mechar works in a variety of materials alone and in combination, including, wood, marble dust, glass and clay. Mechar’s work is defined by a continuing interest in patterns, particularly as reflected in both abstract and figurative pieces. 

In Kirk’s most recent paintings, a “Mosaic” series completed in the last 12-18 months, all of the central elements of the early floral cascades recur in one form or another.  They are informed by local colours, powerful sunlight, and by an apparent struggle to survive and bloom amid nature’s inevitable decay. The Mosaic Series draws from a physical past and; one that is discovered in unfinished canvases carefully cut into “tiles” and set aside for another time. These paintings can be seen as a rebirth of old canvases with new colour which emerge from the rich earth that we live on.