From 45 formative years of travel, revised opinions, and volte-faces, British artist Rakerman has collected a representative selection of art-making.   Focusing on the discarded and overlooked, his techniques involve the physical recovery and regeneration of found materials.  Rakerman uses a form of ’contact relief’ or frottage, giving the viewer the sense of feeling, of being in touch with the Earth's inimitable surfaces.  In creating art from actual ‘found’ surfaces, Rakerman makes visible what may be invisible to us, or that we take for granted. 


Rakerman allows the surface to make the drawing, highlighting the sung and unsung textures found on earth, emphasising his admiration for the natural but also the recyclable.  Appreciation of the Earth’s natural surfaces dominate his work, yet his adaptation of the man-made and personal interpretation of the recyclable is his message to sustainability.


He views recycling and retrieval as a re-generative act, that when filtered through the artist's eye and hand visually and physically becomes a genuine ‘transformation’.  When his images reach unarguable autobiographic recognition, he can then believe in them as art.