Steve Miller

Steve Miller was born in Buffalo, NY and educated at Middlebury College and moved to New York in the late seventies. Trained by silkscreen printers who worked with Andy Warhol, and inspired by artists like Robert Rauschenberg who boldly mixed imagery in his work, Miller's photographs and paintings are uniquely wrought examinations of the systems that constitute our world. He first began using x-rays in 1992 which became an integral part of the creation of his art.


Steve’s interest has been environmentally focused since his first trip to Brazil in 2005 which gave him a greater awareness of the fragile beauty of our earth. It was at this time that he started “Health of the Planet” when he came up with the idea to x-ray the flora and fauna of the rain forests to give the lungs of our planet a metaphorical check up. Steve wants to show how human beings and their environment and objects are part of the larger whole.